Wonder Team
Passionate and motivated people
A team with high Voltage
We are a group of individuals with a tremendous passion for video games, and highly motivated towards building quality titles for the iOS and Google Play stores.
Pedro Cabaço
Co-Founder & CEO
Gonçalo Banha
Co-Founder & COO
João Albuquerque
Co-Founder & CTO
Pedro Dinis
Co-Founder & CGO
Manuel Barbas
Blockchain Developer
Daniel Lopes
Game Developer
Luan Santos
Game Developer
Gonçalo Perpétua
Game Designer
João Dias
Lead 2D Artist
Ramon Rodrigues
2D Concept Artist
Janiel Almeida
UI/UX Artist
Rodrigo Soria
Lead 3D Artist
Raquel Venâncio
3D Artist
João Salgado
Technical Artist / 3D Artist
Marta Fernandes
Head of People
Play the role of a fighter
Take out all of the enemies and dance on them!
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