Wonder Team
Passionate and motivated people
A team with high Voltage
We are a group of individuals with a tremendous passion for video games, and highly motivated towards building quality titles for the iOS and Google Play stores.
Pedro Cabaço
Co-Founder & CEO
Gonçalo Banha
Co-Founder & COO
João Albuquerque
Co-Founder & CTO
Pedro Dinis
Co-Founder & CGO
Marta Fernandes
Head of People
Manuel Barbas
Blockchain Developer
Daniel Lopes
Game Developer
Luan Santos
Game Developer
Miguel Boavida
Game Developer
Rafhael Ronny
Game Developer
Gonçalo Perpétua
Game Designer
Ricardo Lopes
Game Designer
Inês Duarte
Community Manager
Matilde Martins
Community Manager
João Dias
Lead 2D Artist
Ramon Rodrigues
2D Concept Artist
Janiel Almeida
UI/UX Artist
Rodrigo Soria
Lead 3D Artist
João Salgado
Technical Artist / 3D Artist
Tais Soares
3D Artist
Celso Graeser Jr.
3D Artist
Play the role of a fighter
Take out all of the enemies and dance on them!
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